This is Lauren

She has Noonan Syndrome. She is still perfect.

Lauren has quite a list of characteristics. She looks a bit different and her heart has defects. Her growth is slow, her muscles have low tone and her joints are overly flexible. She has digestive issues, hearing problems, skeletal deformities and the potential for significant heart failure later on.

These complications, and more, are tied to Noonan Syndrome.

It’s a part of her, but it is not WHO she is.

She is Lauren and she is just perfect.

Who Are We?

Living in Guelph, ON we are Robyn, Kevin, Roman and Lauren. I (Robyn) spent many years in the advertising industry managing the web department for a boutique firm in downtown Toronto. Kevin is an audio engineer working on televisions shows like "Pitchin' In" and "Chopped". Roman, two years older than Lauren, is her amazing big brother.

To get in touch, send us an email, join the Facebook group or give us a call (519.341.8991). We'd love to hear from you!

Why Another Website?

It is our intention that this site be a resource for people and parents whose lives are touched, influenced or absorbed by Noonan Syndrome. That it be the site we needed when Lauren’s syndrome was diagnosed.

We firmly believe Lauren has been given to us for a reason. If one person or family’s journey can be eased through our sharing of experiences then we are beginning to understand our purpose.

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